How to exclude top 2 or 3 results from scan

I was able to learn a lot from the forum and google. Am not a techie person - so get lost easily.

I am trying to exclude a few top results from scan results. Google search came up with
but dont understand it enough to make it applicable to my situation.
I do not use a positionscore variable.

SetOption("SettlementDelay", 1);
Buy = ( 	Open  >= 1 ) AND
MACD (12,26) > Signal (12,26,9)
AND MACD( 12, 26 ) < 0 
AND (MA(Volume, 50)* MA(Close, 50)) > 2000000 

Sell = 0; 

Short = 0;

Cover = 0;

When i backtest, i get only tickers starting with the letter A. Scan shows that there are a lot of potential tickers for each day.
I realized that in the absence of positionscore variable, it will sort it alphabetically according to this article.

Is there a simple way for me to choose the 4th or the 10th or nth ticker for each day to be used for the backtest. Some way to incorporate the sorted results of the scan ?


Ranking. Read this a few times if you need to.

In your case SetSortColumns() function would be easiest solution.