How to expand Parameter dialog description box

I have a 4K screen and run the suggested display settings for text size, how ever the left side of my Parameter box displays shortened text. How does one expand the width of the display to show all of the text?
Screenshot 2020-10-12 144646

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You are probably using old version (guessing here because you don't say which version you use - How to ask a good question)

The solution is to use newer version (6.30 or higher).

If you are already using new version, you need to tell me what DPI setting you use - How to ask a good question) and send the formula with the parameters that got truncated.

Hi Tomasz,
Thanks for the reply.
I assumed I was not doing the correct procedure to widen the description side of the box.

I'm using AB 6.35.1 64bit and Windows 10 Pro ver 2004 build 19041.508.
I don't experience this with any other app.

I've tried to get the left side of the box to highlight to expand it like other dialog boxes but no joy.
All I can do is expand the entire box.

I have an old backup computer that runs the same ver of AB with a screen resolution of 1600 x 900,
and when I enter a lengthy description for a parameter, AB will automatically widen the left side of the Param dialog box to accommodate the increased size of the text, but for some reason it doesn't for my 3840 x 2160 screen, no matter what the text size scale is set to.

Hope this helps.

This image results from this code:

Input1 = Param( "Input the first number", 1, 0, 45, 1 );
Input2 = Param( "Input the second number", 1, 0, 50,1 );

Calc = Input1 + Input2;


The problem is not formula specific.

When AB truncates the name of a parameter, the left side of the PARAM dialog box that holds the name of the parameter can't be adjusted for width.
I insert a dummy parameter with an extremely long name to get AB to expand the name block. Note that inserting spaces doesn't work.

BS = Param("========================================",1,0,2,1);


...and viola, the name block expands to show the complete name of the parameter.

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The Viola

Voilà, it's a viola! :smiley:


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When opening the properties of a pane, the columns with the names is too small to show them completly. How can I fix this? I cant drag it to a bigger size. Thx.


WeeJee, please read this previous thread for a possible work-around.