How to explore the values in given time frame

I want to explore the values in analysis window for every 5 minutes. I mentioned in the AFL code as timeframe to 5 minutes.

TimeFrameSet( in5Minute );

But in exploration it is showing for the day.What are the settings that i need to do to explore the values for every 5 minutes



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See How to ask a good question.

See Time Frame Set.


This is the below code.

TimeFrameSet( in5Minute );




Now can you tell me how to explore for 5 minute interval.


You are not using TimeFrameSet properly.

Did you read these fully or not at all?

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@dav You need to be more friendly, since this is an open Forum and that is what @TrendSurfer is telling you. You can't just demand things or use a tone that sounds like that, also, as he points, your post should be well crafted and adhering to forum etiquette.

Now, regarding your problem, Open your AA window and go to settings.
Default Periodicity maybe "Daily", you need to change to the appropriate interval.


Thanks @travick. I will follow forum rules.

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