How to Export Entire Symbol List?

First, I apologize if this question is too simple, or there is an obvious answer that I am missing. I did use the search function and knowledge base, but could not find an answer.

I was thinking of loading another version of Amibroker to my laptop (to have a backup of everything, just in case my primary computer shuts down) and I wanted to ensure that I have the exact same symbol list. Is there a way to export one list of symbols and import them into another version?

The only export option I see is when I run an analysis or exploration, but I just want the symbols to upload them to the laptop.


Assuming you already installed same version of amibroker to your laptop,
Assuming all your databases are in the default Amibroker database directory.
Just copy the complete Amibroker folder from Program Files on you main pc to your laptops Program Files folder select replace all files and you have a clone of everything you have on your pc.

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Ah thanks! I should have thought of this... very much appreciated!

No, don’t copy executables and entire folders in Program Files. Run SETUP on the other machine. Then copy only the data files, not executables. Running setup before anything else is a must, due to the fact that Windows protects Program Files dir.

After setup is run you can copy databases.

Failure to run setup will result in Windows creating virtual folders and breaking ability to save any changes

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Thank you very much Tomasz!

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