How to export equity or detail backtest report using amibroker's OLE Automation Object Model?

I use below script to export backtest result. But it saves only trading log like:

I want to save detail backtest report or equity plot using amibroker's OLE.

How to write amibroker's OLE to do this job?

Thank you very much.

AB = new ActiveXObject( "Broker.Application" ); // creates AmiBroker object

    NewA = AB.AnalysisDocs.Open( "C:\\analysis1.apx" ); // opens previously saved analysis project file 
    // NewA represents the instance of New Analysis document/window 

    if ( NewA ) 
         NewA.Run( 2 ); // start backtest asynchronously

         while ( NewA.IsBusy ) WScript.Sleep( 500 ); // check IsBusy every 0.5 second 

         NewA.Export( "test.html" ); // export result list to HTML file

         WScript.echo( "Completed" ); 

         NewA.Close(); // close new Analysis 
catch ( err ) 
     WScript.echo( "Exception: " + err.message ); // display error that may occur

Report is already exported (automatically - you can find it in the “Reports” subfolder). Equity is just ~~~EQUITY ticker (and is also available as EquityArray from backtester object). And as such can be imported using methods described in manual