How to export hand-drawn studies


I would like to export hand-drawn studies to be utilized on a different installation of AB (locally or in an other PC)

As far I know templates don’t contain hand-drawn studies that seem to be stored wih Chart ID (maybe in the broker.newcharts file?)

There is a solution to this without migrating whole AB as per ? I am looking for a handy solution to share hand-drawn studies with other people without sharing all my setup :slight_smile:

More difficult: is it possible to do the above importing hand-drawn studies on securuties that have different symbol due to different data provider but are substantially the same stuff? i.e. dax dec17 is FDAX DEC 17-DTB-FUT-EUR for IB and XGZ17 for IQfeed

it seems that studies are stored in the data file so a solution could include the sharing of the data file itself but what else?

and what about the second case of different data provider but are substantially the same securuty?

thanks in advance

Always start from searching the forum. Tomasz has already answered similar question in this thread:

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Duplicate topic already exists