How to Export quotes from specific time period?

How can I export quotes from specific time , like from 11.34 to 14,32(something like that), I've only seen exporting from specific dates. is their any fast way to do this, I'm not looking for an afl code ,because i want to export quotes more from different time stamps, I want to know if is there any way to do this fast.

@tarscase1, do you understand how the AFL to export specific dates works?

If yes, you hopefully should be able to use the idea and extend it from the Date level to the Time level. Hint: Look in the manual at the AmiBroker Formula Language Categorized list of functions.

Like all members who have been here for a while, you should know that you will get best results (Help) when you post your code attempts (using Code Tags), and specific questions.

A little hint:

tn = TimeNum();
Filter = tn >= 101112 AND tn <= 141516; // from 10:11:12 to 14:15:16