How to Filter using first strategy and trade a second strategy based on those filtered stocks

I have two different Indicator/Strategies made for a complete trading Strategy.The first one shall run in all the stocks and select the stocks suitable for applying my second strategy. How to do that? @Tomasz

See this for ideas:

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Ok So if I add both my strategies using foreign function, still I will have to open every chart and apply the indicator right? Or is there any other way to do that the indicator runs for all the stocks in my market-watch or favourites?

@Manoj.Dalmia this seems not very different from what was discussed in How to code for double ranking process?

In your case, in the first step, you can simply "rank" all the passing stocks to the same value (like 1000) and all the others to zero. Then in the second phase, you apply the second strategy only to the stock with a positive rank (filtering out all the "zero" ranked ones).

No need to open any chart: explorations and backtest will automatically run for all the stocks that are in your analysis "filter" (can be the current ticker, all symbols, a single (o multiple) watchlists/markets, etc.

Be sure to have fully understood the basics before attempting to modify the above-referenced example.

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