How to find correct google symbol for hongkong stocks

Hi experts,

Google works like clock work when it comes to US stock tickers. However when I try to download hongkong stock tickers. eg 0005 for HSBC
the stock symbol cannot be found even if I add .HK extension (0005.HK) or add prefix HKG: (HKG:0005).

Appreciate someone can teach me the right way.

Thank You

Google Finance page does not allow downloading historical data for certain symbols (especially for indices and international stocks)

For example S&P500 index:

See this:

as opposed with this:

(2) has “Download to spreadsheet” link that AmiQuote uses.
(1) does NOT have it.

Without “download to spreadsheet” link on Google Finance AmiQuote can not download.

0005.HK can only be downloaded from Yahoo