How to find specific words in a String

Hi everyone,

I am setting up a system for the Foreign Exchange market and am looking to automate some mechanical analysis. For example i wish to look at a currency pair "gbpaud a0-fx" and look at both countries bonds. I have thought about using 'getbaseindex()', but only one relative stength symbol can be applied to any single asset.

Therefore i thought about utilizing a string finder of sorts to find specific text that can be transmuted to a specific symbol e.g 'string' has gbp therefore = 'foreign(gbp bond,c).

If anyone could provide any insight, or supposedly another method to achieve the desired outcome that would be appreciated.

Are you familiar with AmiBroker's StrFind() function? See

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Thankyou, exactly what i was looking for & Should do the job. Id still be open to hear alternative methods of achieving what was stated above though :slight_smile:

Cant believe i missed the function when i asked for the specific thing :laughing:

Yeah, Matt (@mradtke) went easy on you! :sunglasses: