How to find the volatility of a stock


In AFL, Is there any function or formula is there to find the volatility of a stock in intraday?

Thanks in advance.

Volatility is a language term, and also relative.
Volatility in programming can be measured using various concepts.

Search on google "How to measure Volatility" and you will get a very good article on invest o pedia.

From there you will learn, that there is StdDev, ATR, Bollinger Bands, Variance, ATR among other different methods that can be applied.
All (or most) of these functions are available in AFL. Read the manual.

Do put thought in your question before simply posting.

Here is a very useful way to search for your own answers to those "is there any function or formula" questions:
In a Google search prompt enter "" plus whatever you're after.

For example, " volatility" yields 53 results, including much of what @travick mentioned in his post.
Give it a try.