How to get available symbol & market list from Tiingo

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I recently started to use tiingo API. I wondered if is there any way to get a list of available symbols and / or markets? So far I didn't find the way.

What do tiingo users use as a source for symbols list?

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Hi @ismael - we keep a list of tickers here:

It gets updated twice a day!

Let me know if you have any more questions


Is the list still been maintained? I found there are 9001 symbols under Nasdaq after I applied a filter.

Something wrong?

Yes the list is actively maintained. We cover delisted data from our inception - so you will find more NASDAQ listed symbols in that list than are actively quoted today.

It would be perfect, if you guys can add a column showing delisted/not, so users can filter.

If you have the fundamental addon you can use the MetaData for this. Check " 2.6.5 Meta Data"



Where can I locate the updated list of cryptos available on Tiingo?

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