How to get close prices of today's date


I want to get close prices of today's date 5 minute time frame.I am using the below code.
_SECTION_BEGIN("debug amiforum");
TimeFrameSet( 5*in1Minute ); // switch to 5 minute frame

But the array close_prices giving the array with index 0 to 199 and 0 to 159 as null values.Remaining 40(160 to 199) values as the latest close prices.
-> I need only today's close prices with out having any null values in the array. Means Array size should be the number of 5 minute bars in the today's date.

What changes should i do in my code.

@Kum001 I am not sure I understand your problem. Today's close is the closing price of the last bar today irregardless of the time frame your analysis or chart is using.

so in your analysis just run an Explore and see the Close.

If you are using some logic that requires multiple time frame analysis then you must read and learn,

In that case you can play around with some values like this for an Explore,

CurrentBarClose = Close;
YesterdayDailyClose = TimeFrameGetPrice( "C", inDaily, -1 );
TodayDailyClose = TimeFrameGetPrice( "C", inDaily, 0 );


if shift = 0 compressed data may look into the future 
( for example, Weekly high can be known on Monday and same with Intraday data - be careful how you use that ). If you want to write a 
trading system using this function please make sure to reference 
PAST data by using negative shift value.



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@Kum001 I may have completely misinterpreted your question. You start writing something that I do not understand at all.

What are you trying to accomplish? If you just want the close (5 minute bars) for one day then here (with nulls that you seem to be afraid of) is on example Exploration.

SpecificDate = DateNum()==1180104 ; 
// now you get a value ONLY on 2018-01-04, Jan 4, 2018
specificDateONLY = IIf(SpecificDate, Close, Null);

AddColumn(C, "Close");
AddColumn(specificDateONLY, "January 4th Only");



Sorry if neither answer is of any help but perhaps if you elaborate on your question, someone else may help you. Irregardless :rofl: I'm out.

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@portfoliobuilder Thanks for your response. I am simplifying my requirement.

_SECTION_BEGIN("debug amiforum");
TimeFrameSet( 5*in1Minute ); // Now it will be in 5 minute timeframe
SpecificDate = DateNum()==180810 ; // I specified that which date we required the values
Close_prices=(SpecificDate,close);// This line is wrong please correct this line .I want only aug 10 2018 close prices in 5 minute candles. So the array should contain only aug 10 2018 candles (5 minutes) .Even null values i am fine
AddColumn(Close_prices, "Close");

@Kum001 you have not read or not understood the multiple timeframe coding syntax. You could have a TimeFrameSet

TimeFrameSet( in5Minute ); // switch to 5 minute frame

But you have no TimeFrameRestore.

TimeFrameRestore(); // restore time frame to original

Then you must understand the use of TimeFrameExpand and experiment with expandPoint vs expandFirst vs expandLast to obtain your desired result.

Also your August 10th is coded improperly so you need to read

Lastly you are NOT FOLLOWING the forum rules concerning proper formatting of code samples.

Once you have mastered those steps come back with some attempted solutions and specifics of what you are trying to achieve and hopefully someone on the forum can help.

Good luck.

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