How to get customized periodicity in New Analysis - Backtester settings - general- Periodicity

I need help for solving below thing.
I need to explore my conditions on new Analysis .But i would like to explore for five trading days
(if i set periodicity for one week then it includes holidays also). More over i need to test it for five days from current day to back wards.
It is staring from To-Date and back wards

Did you try searching for custom periodicity? This topic has been already discussed many times. For example:


I did the same thing. I have set custom time interval for 5 Days but i don't get in New analysis, I get it in chart interval.




60 (minutes) x 24 (hours) x 5 (days) = 7200 minutes

ok thanks. how can i go backward from to date

Explore is doing well with 1 recent day(s) but it is giving nothing with "From- TO Dates" for single day