How to get Esignal symbols active?

Hi everyone,
I've subscribed to Esignal, and installed the eSignal Data Manager, and configured as instructions. The connection status is green OK. But I can't see any symbols in the list as the enclosed image.

What should I do to fix this. Thank you very much.

After subscribing to Esignal and installing the eSignal Data Manager, you need to add symbols to your database in order to see them in the list. To add symbols, go to Symbol -> New menu and enter one or more tickers (comma separated) you wish to add to your database. Once you have added the symbols, you may need to wait a few seconds (depending on the speed of your internet connection) to backfill historical data.

Hello and good day,

I will also use eSignal because the Taipan RT plugin doesn't work properly.

You can certainly insert symbols via an xxx.tls file.

Offers eSignal predefined xxx.tls files. For example on the current index members. S+P 500, Nasdaq 100 and so on.

It's not a big problem to create a corresponding xxx.tls file. But ...... for example on the S+P 500 or worse on the S+P 900 it's very sweaty...

I haven't found anything about it anywhere here. eSignal support has not responded.

I thank you for the help.

Come on. That is not complicated:

  1. Google "SP 500 constituents"
  2. Go to the web page that is displayed in the search results.
  3. Mark entire table using mouse and copy table (CTRL+C) from web page to Excel (CTRL+V)
  4. Mark column that contains symbols (tickers)
  5. Copy (CTRL+C)
  6. Open Notepad
  7. Paste (CTRL+V) into Notepad

That's all you have symbol list.

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