How to get Lower Time frame data intraday

How to get Lower Time frame data
How to get 5min volume Ma Data in Daily Timeframe

I'm not able to get the data, it is showing the Current Timeframe data only,
please correct it

_SECTION_BEGIN("5min SMA20 volume>10k");

Sma5minvol= MA(V, Param("5minSMaVol Period", 20, 10, 300));

TimeFrameSet( in5Minute );
TimeFrameRestore(); // restore time frame to original 

GfxSelectFont("Tahoma", 15, 400 );
GfxTextOut(" "+ Sma5minvol, 1600,20);


Multiple Time Frame support (
read manual, It has been mentioned clearly that it is not designed to work like that.

You can only compress higher timeframe in lower TF. not the opposite.

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oh ok,
thank you for the reply sir