How to get more symbols to show up on the chart? (was: Underlying and Options)

I am looking to trade Equities and Equity Options based on the price of the underlying.

I need to have two data sets running in order to do that. The option should be on the top (data1) and the underlying equity should be on the bottom (data2).

How do I get both symbols to show up on the chart?

Use the “Price (foreign)” chart under Basic Charts.

Or if coding it yourself, use PlotForeign.

You have to go to "CHARTS" window and there to folder "BASIC CHARTS". AmiBroker is formula driven. So in order to see price or data in general you have to apply a formula. "CHARTS" window actually is the section where all your formulas (for charts and any other use cases) are located. It was named Charts window but not Formulas window or anything else because of many people (aka new users) having problems to find a link to applying charts.

Anyway here is a short animation

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That gave me the symbol but no data.

Is there a free data source that can give me one minute bars?

By the way, when I change IBM from daily bars to 1 minute bars, the chart stays the same and I get no data at all on the AAPL symbol that I added, I don’t see any chart data there.

Additional info is greatly appreciated.

@tedpenner A couple of brief videos that may help you.

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AmiBroker are not a data vendor.
You have to get the data either by importing it yourself (see ASCII import), or by using AmiQuote or by choosing a streaming source in File-Data base settings-Data source. For any missing vendors offering API access there is AmiBroker ADK (also see plug-ins forum section) to develop plugin for connecting to such additional cases.

Further relevant AmiBroker DB links
for anything else consult the AmiBRoker documentation.

Google Finance, Yahoo Finance, Quandl, Tiingo, Stooq, …
You may use AmiQuote for those ones.

Or you may use DDE in File-DataBase settings to connect to a free DDE source (but note: DDE does not backfill historical data).

Also see data sources forum section.

Apparently you are applying the default data base that comes with AmiBroker setup. That one is an EOD sample offline database.

Anyway if you have a data source providing 1-min data then (see above) you have to go to File-Data base settings and set Base time interval to 1-minute.

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Thanks to all. So it looks like I can connect to my IB account and also let my developer connect to a free source.

Now I need to figure out how to get the right format of option code to enter for the second chart.