How to get value in 2-3 decimal places?

I need to display the value in 2 or 3 decimal places on the Y axis. I tried a lot but was of no use. I am using it on the Banknifty (Bank index of NSE India) chart. But when I change the chart to USDINR it shows up to 4 decimal places. I have attached a screenshot of the Banknifty chart.

The number of decimal places in the value labels is automatically adjusted based on the value you display, font size, etc. In the situation shown on the picture, there is no room for more digits in the Y axis area. AmiBroker takes care about display aesthetics and tries not to produce garbage on screen.

If you still want to display something that is not according to AmiBroker aesthetic standards, you may use GfxTextOut() to display any text anywhere on screen using any font.

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