How to highlight the price chart based on input dates given in excel?

The purpose of this task is to understand the price action and improve the trading rules accordingly. I will have an excel sheet which will have 5 columns as a backtesting report
1.Entry date
2.Entry time
3.Exit date
4.Exit time
5. Profit (points)

Amibroker shall import this input file and then whatever days there is profit in the excel file, the price chart of any instrument selected should be marked green for that day ( between entry datetime and exit datetime ) and whatever days there is negative profit, the price chart should be market red. It should adjust according to the timeframe. It should work on all the symbols. I should be able to change the excel file data time to time and the AFL should adjust accordingly. Is the above job doable in amibroker ?

Yes, to get started you will need:

Also, give this a look: How to ask a good question

It was already explained in the Knowledge Base years ago:

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