How to "hover and wait"

I want to write some code that recognises 3 events which can occur in any sequence over a number of days. These are:
1 three EMA's in order, say 5>15>30 for an uptrend, and vice versa for down;
2 Cross where PDI>MDI, and;
3 ADX ramps up prior to or after point 2 above.

Most of this comes from Charles Kirkpatrick's book Investment & Trading Strategies

I don't need the code written for me, otherwise I won't learn, I just need to get the logic right. I'm assuming the code would provide recognition of 1 of the 3 conditions then 'hover' waiting for the other two to occur. It's the hovering process that has me stumped.

So could someone please point me in the right direction?

Many thanks,



I am assuming by hovering you mean waiting until all 3 conditions are satisfied because they dont occur on the same bar.

For that you can use FLIP, to maintain state of each separate signal.
AFL Function Reference - FLIP (

Once each condition is met, you just check when the count is 3 meaning all are on and then take the required action.

Thank you. Am I correct in assuming that these FLIPs are embedded in an IF type process and will trigger action once the count is 3?

Did you search the forum for 'Flip' examples?

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