How to identify Size of array created using TimeFrameExpand

I am trying to create a matrix to store ASK and BID volume in a matrix.
I need to know the size of the array created using TimeFrameExpand(C,in5minute);
Can some one share some knowledge on this.

The number of elements in all AmiBroker arrays is represented by the built-in BarCount variable, which may differ from symbol to symbol if you're not using Pad & Align.

It should be noted that the TimeFrameExpand() function expands a compressed array back to your base timeframe. Perhaps what you're really asking is how many useful values are in your compressed array? Assuming that your base timeframe is something faster than 5 minutes (like 1 minute bars), you could determine that with something like this untested snippet:

compClose = TimeFrameCompress(C,in5Minute); 
numCompBars = LastValue(Cum(compClose > 0));
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