How to Ignore Old Symbols in Exploration output

Hey Ami Community,

I wish to use exploration to filter out all symbols that have been de-listed or are currently halted. Currently my exploration output shows securities that last printed months ago that are inactive even though i have "range" set to 1 recent day. I am aware that Amibroker has a tool to remove Inactive securities but that is not what i am looking for, as these halted symbols are likely to become active in the Markets Again.

There is probably a very simple solution for this, thankyou for your time.


You could do something like checking for date stamp .

x = Datenum() == 1191223 ;//12/23/2019

Filter=  x ;
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Use groups, watchlist. Move the symbols to a watchlist or group and use the filter settings i exploration.

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Cheers, Lead me in the right direction. Further searched the forums in hindsight and found this code which does exactly what i want.

// Created by:	Sean O'Neill 04/18/2013
// Explore to calculate and see how old i.e., how many days ago
// the last data was recorded for the instrument symbol.  Tricky and
// need to get all date/time variables into the same format (Unix Seconds)
// so we can get the correct comparison.

lastSymbolDateNum = DateTimeConvert(format = 2, DateNum() );
dateNowNum = DateTimeConvert(format = 2, Now(format = 3) );
SecsSinceUpdateNum = DateTimeDiff(dateNowNum, lastSymbolDateNum);
DaysSinceUpdateNum = SecsSinceUpdateNum / 86400;

lastSymbolDateStr = NumToStr( lastSymbolDateNum );
dateNowStr = NumToStr( dateNowNum );
SecsSinceUpdateStr = NumToStr( SecsSinceUpdateNum );
DaysSinceUpdateStr = NumToStr( DaysSinceUpdateNum );

//AddTextColumn( lastSymbolDateStr, "Last Symbol Date Num");
//AddTextColumn( dateNowStr, "DateNow Num");
//AddTextColumn( SecsSinceUpdateStr, "Seconds Since Updated");
AddTextColumn( DaysSinceUpdateStr, "Days Since Updated");

datefilt = DaysSinceUpdateNum < 20.00; //True;
Filter = datefilt; ///////////// <<<<< Only explores Securities that have printed data only in the past 20 days. 

Thanks for your time.

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