How to import 1-minute Bitcoin Data missing that has some 1-5 min gaps

I have exported some bitMEX Data and it is like 2 years worth of 1-minute bitcoin data, Now I am trying over and over again to import the data using the Amibroker import wizard after setting the database settings. The Data is missing/skipping some minutes but shouldn't I just see gaps in the chart instead of distorted candles?

Try posting a snap of the distorted candle(s) and a snap of the corresponding data from the quote editor.

As far as "How to import", its as simple as using the Import Wizard or ASCII importer with a predefined import format.

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Broker_2018-11-19_21-01-21 Broker_2018-11-19_21-03-54

Broker_2018-11-19_21-07-03 Broker_2018-11-19_21-07-30

Just the last bit, select a region which has bad candles and a snap of the correspond datetime from quote editor would help.

The 2nd Chart snap seems ok, its only the first one that's having bad candles.