How to Import Wizard Gross profit, Revenue and EBITDA

Good afternoon!

I'm trying to import Gross Profit, Sales per share, and EBITDA using the Import Wizard, utilizing the commands GROSS_PROFIT, REVENUE, EBITDA, respectively.

However, for some reason, probably due to my mistake, when I import the values, they're divided by the number of Shares Out.

So, to import these three fields correctly, I've had to multiply by the number of shares out, but I understand that something might not be right.

Could someone please indicate what I'm doing wrong or where I can read about how to import these three fields?

By the way, I've tried by chance using GROSS_PROFIT_PER_SHARE, REVENUE_PER_SHARE, EBITDA_PER_SHARE, but it didn't work.

Below, I'm showing a screenshot displaying the CSV I'm importing, the additional commands used, and the result obtained in Symbol Information.


I think I've figured out what's happening: With the Import Wizard, you can import EBITDA but not EBITDA per Share. On the other hand, with GetFnData, you can obtain EBITDA per Share but not EBITDA.

I'm leaving this here in case someone has the same question as me.