How to keep refreshing, imported .csv file data every minute to get latest data

Hello Everyone,
I have .csv data file which keep getting updated every minute & keeps records for last 5000 bars. For example, as shown in the screenshot is EURUSD_M5.csv file. which get updated every minute with new data from the MT4 EURUSD_M5 char. this .csv file keeps last 5000 M5 candle records as history in this file.
I am able to import EURUSD_M5.csv file into Amibroker using Import Wizard & get the chart.

If possible, I would like to know if there is any way, we can refresh this chart every minute to keep getting updated data from .CSV file into Amibroker, please.

I have also checked Amiquote. I have observed that Source has various options to get data from Yahoo, Google, and other sources which is nice but no option to use .csv as source. I am still new to Amibroker, please let me know if I am missing something about this.

I have also searched this forum with keyword --- csv, to get the information I looking for. But I could not find it thats why I am putting my query as new topic, please.

I would appreciate any help regarding this, please.


Can you tell us your final goal? Not what you think and need to solve the problem that we don’t know yet.

I guess your story is after your morning coffee you open the Amiroker, Then you need to import some data (maybe 1or 2 days of 5 minute timeframe data) and then you have to connect your Amibroker using DDE server.

  2. search for DDE

CSV import (or similar imports in form of txt, etc) are addressed in Import ASCII.


You need a 'definition' for such imports. Refer to this KB - How to create custom import definition for ASCII importer. Then you can write a batch and schedule it to run every minute. However, AmiBroker's internal Scheduler does not facilitate iteration in such short duration, so it can be done externally but not recommended. The constant file read/write (even if one uses a RAM Drive) is harmful.

You will find many internet sources providing guide to this type of forceful manicures. Please DO NOT follow them.

Instead create a ASCII definition for the CSV and import it once (may be schedule it to Daily if required) for Backfilling quotes. Then refer to this post for real-time quote transfer from MT to AB directly:

One more thing if you are looking to trade shorter time-frames, may I suggest you to subscribe an authorized data-feed vendor - things shall be easier, faster and hassle-free.


Hello PanoS & Cougar,

Thank you for the prompt information. I will review the details & will try to apply it.
Thank you once again.

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Hello Everyone,
For now, I have created a batch file I have plan to use scheduler (runs every hour) and manually clicking run as needed. The good thing about using a batch file is we can update any number chart with one click.

As shown below, I have choose Data Import ASCII action & given the location of the file to bring in, updated data. But I click on run some how it fails during all the try.
Let me know if you have any idea on how to make it work, please.


For batch import you need to have format file which has name being file extension of data file.
Since your data file is file with csv file extension your format file name has to be csv.format.

How to create format file:

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Hello fxshrat,
Thank you for the information. I have created csv.format file. runs good & I am able to perform Data Import ASCII action now.

Thank you.