How to make everything draw in on chart appear in other chart (different time frame, same stock)

hi everyone, please help me with this!
i have 2 chart of a same stock (1m and 15m). i would like to make a link that everytime i draw a line, or something else in 1 chart, they will automatic appear in the other.

thank you very much for your help!

you can search the forum for already discussed topics.

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If you apply same template to both of these panes(1st save in one, apply in another), issue should be resolved.


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That works like a magic! thanks for your picture! @snbarma

thanks, @travick Travick. that's exactly what i am looking for!

Hello, because whenever I click new blank chart I get the new chart but in the blank chart tab comes the name of an action, always the same. How can I remove this? Cheers