How To: Move Chart Sheet to a different chart

How can i move a chart sheet and / or all of its chart panes to a different chart?

For example:

  1. I have two distinct charts in my layout.
  2. Chart 1 has Sheet 1 & Sheet 2, each with multiple chart panes.
  3. Chart 2 has Sheet 1 & Sheet 2, each with multiple chart panes.
  4. How can I save and/or move Chart 1,Sheet 1 to Chart 2, Sheet 3?

(I realize I can save each of the Chart 1, Sheet 1 - chart pane’s formula, then drag them into my new sheet, but I am hoping there is an easier way!)

For the adventurous… Layout, as said in another recent topic, are plain text files. While I think that the format is not documented, it is pretty easy to understand them.

Open your layout file with a good text editor, copy, paste, cut and replace as needed.

It is better to make a copy of the original layout before editing it… just in case (even if I remember well AB is smart enough to fix some issues)

Anyone else have a suggestion for the less adventurous?

If it is just about copying chart panes from one sheet to another then you can move a sheet’s chart pane(s) via Edit-Copy & Edit-Paste Special.

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@fxshrat Thank you! Yes, The Edit-Copy & Edit-Paste Special is a big help! This works as described in the link provided.

I was searching for a way to move multiple (or all) the chart 1 panes(Sheet 1) at the same time, to Chart 2 pane(Sheet 3).

If the ability to select multiple chart panes first (either with the shift or Ctrl and mouse click) did exist, this would make things much easier.

Thank you again for gracious guidance!