How to notify ab to new bar for 1min

i try to write a data plugin for realtime data
when i sendmessage with WM_USER_STREAMING_UPDATE

::SendMessage(hWnd, WM_USER_STREAMING_UPDATE, 0,0);

i always get the notify is
GetQuotesEx( LPCTSTR pszTicker, int nPeriodicity, int nLastValid, int nSize, struct Quotation *pQuotes, GQEContext *pContext )

the nPeriodicity is 0

how do i notify the AB to get the nPeriodicity is 60 or another value

Periodicity depends on “Base time interval” set in File->Database Settings. AmiBroker will only ask for that and ONLY that periodicity. The fact that you are gettting zero means that you have created database with TICK as base interval.

So what can i do that , my database set Tick as base interval, but i want to send data with 1 mins k bar data

Re-read my reply. AmiBroker would ONLY as for base interval. All other intervals are created from base interval on-the-fly by AmiBroker and plugin does NOT deliver quotes in any other interval. That why it is called “base” interval. It is BASE for everything else.