How to OLE import using 32 bit amibroker

I have installed 2 instance of 64 bit amibroker in my computer. The first one is in C:\Program Files\Amibroker and the second one is in C:\Program Files (x86)\Amibroker . And I do not use them simultaneously.

I have this js file to import data using OLE. I run the js file by clicking it. When I use the first instance, it is working fine, but I can not import it using the second instance.
How to make it working with the second instance?

var AB = new ActiveXObject( "Broker.Application" );
AB.Import(0, file path, prnn format );

Please advise.

It is explained in the Knowledge Base:

Also Windows holds system-wide registration for OLE in the system registry and there is only ONE automation server for 32-bit version and ONE automation server for 64-bit. OLE registration points to specific exe in specific folder. So you it will just run OLE registered instance, not the other one.

got it. So I just need to rearrange. Thanks Tomasz!

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