How to optimize backfill with IQFeed (reopened)

As my previous topic has been censored, here it is opened again. And yes I m a customer so dont tell me to buy a software to optimize it and try to help about the question instead. I encounter issues and try to give maximum of feedback buy email to solve them, as the link to the topic that has been closed and i dont get much consideration in return.

Tomash politely answered you the reason why you refetch data that was already downloaded before. It’s just curios , what are you waiting for at the forum? That someone will help you register an unlicensed copy?

@traderlabs I’m afraid you won’t get much help from Tomasz and other forum members, using this tone of voice. Understand, that Tomasz is the owner and the chief developer of AmiBroker. In 99% cases of other competitive programs, you wouldn’t be able to get direct help from such person. You should appreciate that, even if you feel that your prior thread has been closed (not censored) too early. If you are really a customer and use a legal copy, there are ways to prove it. If that is the case, if you provide more details/screenshots considering your problem, maybe someone will be able to help you. I’ve already tried …

Here is the only answer I get "Saving is disabled in TRIAL / unregistered edition.

The only way to “optimize” it is to BUY the program.

And you also need to make sure that you have run FULL SETUP of AmiBroker instead of copying files from somewhere. If you fail to use full setup, your database may be READ ONLY (i.e. blocked by Windows User Access Control “feature” from writing).” it is to BUY the program."

Is that an answer ? No. And I have sent a lot of details directly by email and tried to find out why i m having issues, spending more time debugging than trading, I have sent the link of the closed topic with my ‘customer email’ to Tomasz, to be bashed by the owner of the software I have just purchased, not very cool, sorry. So if pseudo is not allowed here i will change it back but anyway that is not a way to answer here, or ignoring 90% of information sent by emails

@Milosz I m not asking for a direct answer, I m asking for support for a software I have purchased and that is not working properly. I dont usually ask for help on software and I m pretty independent at using them. When I ask for support it is because there is something wrong and I cant figure it out. It could be done by the developer or any other people the software developer would delegate to. If support is too much, and having a small business I know it is, then it needs to be delegated.

Sorry but the answer given I dont consider it polite and even rough “optimize it is to BUY the program". A polite way would have been to check if I m a customer and indicate there is not support for non registered software, then I could have shown my customer id and mentioned the email sent yesterday with the same topic and a link to the given forum.

here is the kind of issue I have, not only symbols are backfilled every time, but the back fill gives bad data (not only few ticks), before and after manual backfill


@traderlabs May I respectfully suggest you confirm your purchase, and that your email address is the one used for such purchase. Being one of the newer users of AMIBROKER, I find the support to be superb, best in class. Further the product is robust. If you are having difficulty with any particular feature, It’s very important to carefully read the documentation, and search the forums for similar problems. You probably realize all of this by now.

If you are new to Amibroker, and you want to write your own code, there will be a bit of a learning curve, but it certainly can be overcome by reading the materials, writing formulas and then re-reading the materials. You will find Tomas has thought of nearly everything imaginable in this platform.

Lastly, try not to become discouraged or even respond to any put-downs you may encounter. I typically find a very talented group of people on this forum, and I have grown to enjoy some of the disparaging comments, as they can sometimes be both sarcastic and educational. I think the responses are one of the things that keeps this forum human and alive.

Regaring your backfill issue. When I first started using Amibroker, I did see backfiss issues. It always came down to the data source and data values. Try starting over with a very small sample, simplify and conquer!

@traderlabs as I wrote in the prior thread, my knowledge in this matter is limited, because I’ve never used IQFeed, but maybe you:

  1. Exceed IQFeed subscription limit and/or don’t run initial scan:

Tomasz’s reply:

With “wait for backfill” turned on you should be fine with 30 symbols watch lists. The only advice is to run initial scan before session opening as backfills are faster outside market hours. Problems with IQFeed may only start if you exceed IQFeed subscription limit (more than 500 symbols, or whatever your subscription limit is).

  1. Don’t have properly installed or configured IQFeed Plugin or database:

Tomasz’s reply:

You are forcing me to do guessing games. You did not mention how did you configure IQFeed (what base interval, whenever mixed mode is enabled or not). You dont’ say what IQClient API you are using, what IQFeed plugin version, etc. Really I am not magician and don’t see your computer screen.

Typically problems are due to misconfiguration or exceeding subscription limit.

  1. Don’t know that IQFeed is unfiltered feed, and for this reason you will see bad ticks sometimes:

Tomasz’s reply:

IQFeed is unfiltered feed, and that is why you would inevitably see bad tick from time to time, see

@traderlabs - three points

  1. originally you have provided DIFFERENT (unregistered) e-mail address on this forum. Really there are NO means in this world to find out if address belongs to same person as address 1. I checked your original email address and it was NOT in registered users database hence my response. I really have no magic mirror to guess if somebody is hiding behind other email address.
    Should you give the same address as registered in first place you would not have problem. Now you have changed the address back to normal but really, blaming me for that is truly unfair

  2. You apparently don’t know what “censoring” means. All your posts came thru so your accusations are totally unfounded. Moreover, you flooded support with dozens of repeated emails. And you got the responses to your emails. FYI: sending dozens of same emails does NOT speed up reply - just the OPPOSITE you are forcing the other person to do huge amount of unnecessary work.

  3. Given current state of things and the abuse (false accussations) you have done on this list - I don’t want you as a customer and I will give your money back. I don’t want to serve customers who show ZERO appreciation and ZERO respect to somebodys’ hard work.

1) of course these addresses are fictious (just in case someone thinks/blames me that I am listing here true addresses)

@SwingTradeMonkey I did confirm my ID and purchase, actually i did send a lot of information by email and a link to the previous topic. I agree this community and the developer look great and I have not hesitated to mention it directly. But the way all this has been manage and the answers (when there were) were not so great.

I have installed all version of Amibroker, beta, stable, 32bits, 64bits, tried about 12 database versions with bare minimum configuration, with always the same results. And i dont know why, as I think IQFeed is pretty reliable and Amibroker should be. But now i cant use it properly, I have to backfill manually every graph I open due to bad bars (not few ticks).

So I really like the software bringing me the last step of my setup, that s why i havent hesitated to purchase it despite having few of them already. I have spent 2 days on these issues, sent all the feedback i could about the different try and ideas. But i cant solve that kind of problem (bug) without the help of an Amibroker internal person.

Your order has been refunded. I am not a slave for somebody who does not respect other persons.