How to output values into a raw instead of column in exploration

Hello everyone,
Is there a way to output values into column while running an exploration.

Example with range set to 2 days


will output closes for all tickers in the database (AAPL, IBM)

AAPL 02.01.1981 0.15
AAPL 05.01.1981 0.16
IBM 02.01.1981 17.28
IBM 05.01.1981 17.56

I would like to get the following format

XXXX 02.01.1981 05.01.1981
AAPL 0.15 0.16
IBM 17.28 17.56

So basically I would like to transpode the output.

Almost everything has been covered already

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Thanks a lot @fxshrat for your quick response!

I'm completelly new to amibroker and unfortunately not able to understand what your templete does within the for loop and how to use the AddRow function in the last line of your templete correct.

As a newbie, who is really willing to learn AFL, would you mind to share a code example with more details.

Thank you a lot in advance!

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