How To - Peek into Ticker array

During backtest. I use a custom formula. Is there a way to peek inside and view the elements for the entire OhlcV & date matrix? Basically view or dump the contents like I would see in an excel sheet.

It would be great if the table of desired values could be shown with the plot as well! For example, having a plot styleValue would accomplish the result I am seeking!

While I realize data is available when I move the crosshair to a bar, I want to be able to see all of the plot's data at a glance.
Here is a rough mock-up of what I am trying to accomplish.
AMI-ChartData mockup

You can acomplish what you want using low level graphic functions

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Can I get more specifics. Does anyone have some framework code I can use?

I think awilson was very clear.
You have to study little bit more about GFX… that’s all.

Did you know by typing in the afl editor GfxDrawText
then you can rightclick, and one drop menu is opening?
Click on function reference

Good luck

@PanoS thanks! You provided the clue I needed. The GFXDrawText() documentation appears to contain a code sample that I believe can help me to accomplish the desired result.

Look for using Low-level Graphics function in Amibroker's help.