How to place one price chart over other in same window

how can i place an index price chart or any other chart on a stock chart to compare the both in amibroker chart window. Please guide.

Is this what you want ?

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is there any way around without using afl

Please do some research, don't ask such questions because it is insulting.
Everything in Amibroker has an underlying AFL or code to it in the context you are referring to.

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no body becomes expert on day 1 bro.

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This is made for beginners and all the Pro's, so I suggest you to study it thoroughly and feel free to ask the Forum.

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@asdhaliwal You can also do this without coding. See here (flash player required):

Comparing two symbols on one chart:


How to display charts of two symbols simultaneously:

Other video tutorials:

Simply speaking, there is a ready to use Price (foreign) formula in Basic Charts, which you can drag and drop to any chart. Then go to chart's Parameters, choose the desired foreign Symbol and eventually change it's Style to "Own scale".