How to plot 5 Days average volume?

I am trying to plot Average 5 Days delivery volume and tried the below code. Is it the correct way of plotting? Please guide.

_SECTION_BEGIN("Deliverable Quantity");

Avg5 = MA(Aux2,5);

Title = ""+EncodeColor(colorYellow) +"5Days Average Delivery Volume  =  "+EncodeColor(colorBrightGreen) +WriteVal( avg5, 1.0 );

SetBarFillColor( IIf( Avg5  > Ref(Avg5 ,-5), colorBrightGreen, colorRed ) );
Plot( Avg5 , _DEFAULT_NAME(), colorBlack, styleArea |styleNoTitle );


Thank you

@amisur , you should Name your indicator, as it will make help you identify it when you have multiple plots.

So, something like:

Plot(Avg6, "Avg 5 Vol", ....)

Make sure your color choice does not cause your plot to disappear into the background.

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I made the suggested changes.

Thank you

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