How to plot number line instead of styleline

hi, How to plot num line
e.g. for 21 Day Moving average. It should plot 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 instead of style line or style dashed

purpose in chart so many lines are there so it gets confusing which line indicated what. MA

Why not giving name in the Chart title?

Do you think it will become less confusing/distracting by adding lots of numbers in graph?

Plot( C, "Price", colorDefault, styleBar );

my_ma = MA(C,21);
bi = BarIndex();

Plot(my_ma, "MA21", colorRed);
PlotShapes(shapeDigit1*(bi%4==0), colorRed, 0, my_ma, -5);
PlotShapes(shapeDigit2*(bi%4==0), colorRed, 0, my_ma, 5);


Or use Plottext or Plottextsetfont with slower loop. But ask yourself... Is that worthy?

PS: Rather follow price instead of gazillion of lagging lines.


I've just got to say that every time I get on the forum to see some of the questions or to do my own research, I am always blown away with what you are able to do @fxshrat . Just brilliant and mind blowing! How you come up with things like this is just amazing to me even when they are as simple as this. Anyway, I have learned so much along the way from you (not near enough yet enough to do a little of my own thing finally). Your contributions to the forum are legendary and well deserved. Thank you!


Thanks, my purpose will be solved by this

You have a great command on the subject. I have plotted 21 MA on the chart , it looks very congested & carry no purpose . Rather simple label 21 EMA or SMA at the last
on the line server the purpose. what about if two MA are to be plotted .this option could be given in the parameter.

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