How to plot value from text file

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How to plot values from text file. In text file I have date, time and some value .I wan to plot text file values in amibroker. Any Ideas ?

For example you may study this example code given here

For further Matrix functions scroll down to the bottom of this site

e.g. MxGetBlock to retrieve a submatrix:

// get 1st row of source matrix
matblock1 = MxGetBlock( mat, 0, 0, 0, MxGetSize(mat,1)-1, false );

You may also excess matrix elements via subscripts, either within loop or:

value_1_3 = mat[0][2]; // retrieve matrix element of first row and 3rd column

Just import that file using Import Wizard

First column date, second time and third column close. Set remaining columns to SKIP. And that's it. You will have imported data added as artificial ticker that you can refer to using Foreign() function or PlotForeign() for example.

PS. This is much faster and easier than using matrices.

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