How to Print Percentage Sign in Exploration?

Hello Friends,

How could I get Return on Change result with percentage (%) sign in Exploration column??
Just how to print % sign in Exploration column?

Filter = 1;

rtDaily = ROC( C, 1 ); 
AddColumn (rtDaily, "Daily%");
rtWeekly = ROC( C, 7); 
AddColumn (rtWeekly, "Weekly%");
rtFortnightly = ROC( C, 15 ); 
AddColumn (rtFortnightly, "Fortnightly%");

Thanks in Advance

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Are you registered user? We don’t have your email in registered users database.

I use Demo / unregistered version

Search the forum - this was already covered in recent existing thread. There is even a link right below your first post so you don’t need to even search, just click.