How to protect my plugin chart

Hi All,

Is there any way for Amibroker’s data plugin owner to prevent user to export their amibroker chart to external (i.e to a file, or to another engine/bot). I know amibroker provide the feature as explained in

This become an issue for Me. I am a data plugin owner. I create custom data through aux1, aux2 with expectation, only registered user can use the plugin and retrieve the datafeed. However, through the feature above, people can break this rule, simply by creating in-the-middle app to receive request from outside and then response with the chart requested. Worst case even, people can access chart produced using amibroker at almost real time without having to own and use amibroker at their computer.


Any image on computer screen generated by ANY program can be exported. It is as easy as pressing PRINT SCREEN key (this copies all screen image to the clipboard) and PASTING in any image editing program (such as MS Paint) - this works in all Windows versions (even oldest ones).
There are programs that automate “casting” your windows screen to other devices and in fact Windows 8 and 10 has such casting feature built-in. It works for ANY program regardless if it has export features or not. It just streams what your display is showing.