How to receive email copies of all posts?

I miss the common Help button and am not sure why we have Tracking and Watching…

I am looking for a SINGLE setting that allows me to receive copies of everything that is posted, without delay, regardless of category, so that I can search topics using my email program without having to visit the site.

Is this possible?


Herman, I haven’t seen any single user setting that would achieve this. However it may be an option that can be turned on within the Admin panel. Perhaps you could check the Discourse site to see if such a setting exists?

I would like to understand how you use email for the Yahoo Group. Could you explain a bit more please?


  • In order to receive all messages (you are interested in) go to the main forum page
  • On the left top side below of the AB triangle choose a category.
  • Then go to the right top side and right of “+ New topic” choose the drop down menu and choose Watching.
  • Next, go to the left top side again choose the next category and repeat upper steps for all categories you want to receive mails from. Since you want to receive mails for all new posts you have to set all categories to watching.

As for tracking:
Then you will receive mails only if someone mentions your name or replies to you. Since you want to receive all mails choose watching instead of tracking.

It is described in “How to use this site” post (in “how to watch category”)

I first sent upper reponse of mine via mail but then when I looked at that response via web browser only the first sentence got inserted by Discourse.

So I had to edit it via browser.

ATM I am not sure why that happened.

BTW, updated mails that where edited by a user are not resent as it seems. So that’s one disadvantage (beside other ones) of using mail only. You won’t get to read corrected forum posts, AFAIK.

Doing so would be infinitely annoying. I sometimes correct posts for wording many times and you would end
up with dozens of versions cluttering your inbox. Email notifications are intended to be used as such - notifications.

It is time to stop thinking 1990-way. Email is obsolete. Yes it is lowest common denominator but
this does not mean that we should just stick to lowest common denominator.

Yes I am replying to this post by e-mail because I am not logged in right now, but while this functionality is handy, it offers just a tiny fraction of what is possible with that forum.

I am leaning towards keeping YahooGroups open for all email die-hard lovers. These people won’t change their mind no matter what alternatives are presented. Their habits are so hard-wired, there is no hope for any change.

But I won’t use Yahoo. It is so bad.

(Of course I needed to correct few words after posting … would be impossible with email)


I fully agree to you on that. It would definitely be annoying as hell.

My intentions was to make email lovers realizing that they won’t get to see the full scope of what’s going on at a forum if they just use mail only.

I just don’t get that stubborn email love for each and everything, too. It’s one tool of a toolbox having its specific purpose. It’s not a solution to everything.

Thank you Tomasz,

I added each category to tracking but I guess new categories will not be automatically added…

Simple old fashioned emails allow me to stay in touch with many forums and friends with a single, simple, no frills, and efficient interface. I can see 50 or so posts at once, filter, color, sort, mark read, and search across many sources and categories all at once. This serves me well :slight_smile:

Best regards,

In your thread subject you wrote that you want to receive mails of all posts.
In your first post of this thread you again pointed out “…everything that is posted…”.
Now I’m asking myself why do you choose tracking then?

Tracking will not send all (new) posts to mail.
Watching will send all new posts.

Secondly I’m asking myself why I even have responded if posts of other users are ignored.
The thing I’ve learned: I will not respond to user SpinTrader anymore. It will save me a lot of time since those posts will not be taken notice of anyway.

for the benefit of others, that was a typo, and I am now actually receiving posts in my email so no further help needed. Thanks for all the help.

Have a great day,

This is fairly common with many other platforms. The major downside is if you rely solely on email and the original post is majorly edited to change the meaning/content.

That’s what I was trying to drive at, see How to receive email copies of all posts?

For example, let’s say a code was posted and it would have a few bugs in the original post that was sent to mail. All updates or major improvements being edited in that original post will not get sent to members using emails only. So “email-only” users should take that into consideration and not complain afterwards that code would not work although fix has been added to the same post already.

I think that could become a problem that several “email-only” users would comment on things that don’t exist anymore.

“…Code does not work…”

next one…

“…Code gives error…”


“…That sentence is incorrect…”.

There will be no new level-1 categories for long time.
If you watched level-1 (root) categories all subcategories even if added later will be watched automatically


TJ you posted a new topic in Amibroker earlier “How can I have a net profit…”… When I received the corresponding email notification message the usual category identificiation string [Amibroker] was missing from the Subject text. Subject was just “How can I…” instead of “[Amibroker] How can I …”.

Yes I know, I added category later (after posting). That is why.

Is it possible?

It has been discussed above, that e-mail is obsolete and prevents from using majority of functionality available on Discourse.

Ok, what settings are optimal for receiving all posts?

Discussed already above - you can switch every category to “Watching” state