How to refresh RTD tick data in AmiBroker chart

Hello Good Morning,

i am facing problem while importing Live RTD tick data into amibroker,
what i did is, i imported live RTD data from my Trading Terminal to excel.xmls using Link to Excel option, later i transferred to csv data excel/text, and imported file through vba to amibroker, upto here every thing is ok, but live tick data is not updating in amibroker chart,

please help me to solve this missing code to update live tick RTD data in amibroker chart using vba

thank you


I don't think you will get much help on this even though "it may seem" to work fine.
This has been posted by other members before.

The official method for Real-time Tick data to AB is via Data Plugins and not using the ASCII Importer.

i want to view Indian(NSE/BSE) stocks, where as data sources in database settings only supports outside Indian scripts, where as my broker doesn't provide any plugins, i don't understand how to get live tick data into Amibroker.

IS there any way to create our own plugins and get live ticks to Amibroker.

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