How to register after second install

Hello everyone!
For the most users the answer to the next question may be as simple as it is.
Due to quite a few problems with the Apple / Windows 10 / Parallels 13 triangle, I want to switch to a Windows PC.
However, after the installation I do not find an answer for the question of how to register this second install.
Can someone please help me with that?
I would be grateful for it.
With kind regards,

Hello Everyone,
I’am happy to tell that I could solve my issue.
I had not understood the circumstances of migration at first.
My fault.
But I have now succeeded in implementing the adjustment.
So again at work in a fantastic program.

I’m having a similar issue - fresh install of windows 10
when I apply ABReg64 it reports successful but the program opens reports UNREGISTERED - V 6.25.0

The issue was FIXED by downloading from the AmiBokers website and a fresh install

Yes you need to download your current private activation key from web site using link given in registration email.

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Sincere thanks for your input / advice.
Kind regards.

Everything is explained in the Knowledge Base. There is absolutely no difference between first, second, third, or 10th install, the procedure is exactly the same, see:

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