How To Remove The Text In The Left Top In Chart

Hi, I am Newbie in this AmiBroker.
I want to remove the text in the left top in chart.

See the screenshot below :

And this is the code :

_SECTION_BEGIN(" Volume Net Buy Sell");
BV = IIf( (H==L), 0, V*(C-L)/(H-L) );
SV = IIf( (H==L), 0, V*(H-C)/(H-L) );
PlotOHLC(SV,SV,0,0,"SellVolume",colorRed,styleCandle|styleNoTitle|styleNoLabel );
PlotOHLC(SV,BV+SV,SV,BV+SV,"BuyVolume",colorGreen ,styleCandle|styleNoTitle|styleNoLabel );
Va = MA(V,30);
PlotOHLC( Va, Va, 0, 0, "", ColorBlend( colorWhite , GetChartBkColor(), 0.4 ), styleNoLabel | styleCloud | styleNoRescale, Null, Null, Null, -1 );
Plot(Va,"Average Volume",colorBlack,styleNoLine|styleNoLabel );
VI = V/Va;


The code is for the picture for indicator volume the last one. But I cannot find how to remove it from code. Since the code just Plot the chart graph.
How to remove all text that start in the left top ? I have some chart that all shown a text in the left top,
I know this is a paramaters properties but I don't want to add parameters properties.

Thank You

If you set the empty title it will disappear:

Title = "";

It is all documented as always in the manual:


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