How to remove vertical line that pops out whenever you click on bar

It goes on clicking multiple times on the line,but comes again whenever I click on different section of the chart. I would like to disable this feature.

Kindly Advise

Thank You

There are two ways:

  1. From the chart: Parameter dialog -> Axes & Grid -> Vert. quote marker: Show/Hide


  1. From the AFL. For example:
SetChartOptions( 1, chartHideQuoteMarker, chartGridMiddle, 0, 0, 0 );



THANKS! Funny this sort of works, but I can still get the green vertical bar to show, but it takes several repeated clicks. Wonder why it does that!

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i am getting random green and red lines on the chart. If i restart my amibroker it goes away. Can any one please help


These are no "random" lines. Nothing is random in AmIBroker.
These are range markers that you added yourself by double clicks on charts. You really need to READ THE MANUAL:

READ Marking range section

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