How to rename group and Market in Amibroker

How to rename group and Market in Amibroker for smooth navigation of different market. For Example in India we have three major market NSE, BSE and MCX. BSE and NSE companies are divided in groups as per their trading nature.
Below is an example of BSE stocksdemo1

Now I want to rename the group and market as per the real market so that I can import the data via ASCII.
@Tomasz How can I do that ? Please Suggest..

It's all explained in here.

I read all the material. There is no option to rename the group and Market As per your need. Then how can you import the data using ASCII ?

Oh really? Because when I read the material I can see this:


And I can read this:

[...] edit the sector name by pressing ENTER or clicking "Edit name" button. Hit ENTER again to accept the name change.

You can edit the name of every category (sector, industry, group and market) the very same way:

  1. Symbol->Categories menu
  2. Select desired market / group (or any other category)
  3. Press "Edit name" button and ... type new name ... press RETURN key

Thanks for the information. This will help me to organised the stocks as per real market condition.