How to restrict buy and sell signals in afl

how i set maximum numbers of order in afl ,like i want only two orders (entry and exit) if is there any signel come after two signel it should not fire the buy signel please help


Thanks SArath

@sarathlal, not sure that I really understand your question.

Instead of guessing, can you work out how to explain it a bit differently?

Would you be able to do an example on a chart and post that?

Also, it helps if you post your code (make sure to use the code blocks "</>") so we can see what you are doing. Then tell us what is not working the way you want, or the way you think it should.

i mean only want first buy signel or short signel after exiting this signel , i dont want any signel
after the first trade.. even my buyingg criteria is matched..
only one trade one day..


So you should be able to simply set a "have traded" variable or "can trade" variable and change it when you enter.

Is your issue with setting the variable, or determining something else?

More questions: What Time Frame are you trading on? If Intraday, do you know how to check for a new day? What have you tried? Where in the Code are you having an issue? What is your experience level with AFL? What is your experience programming?

But please Post some code to show you are working at this, and point out where you are having trouble.

If you think you have found "The Holy Grail" in trading and don't want to share it here, then just use a simple system for defining your Buy/Sell criteria (a Moving Average cross over perhaps).