How to retrieve OHLC data from MongoDB(NoSQL database)

OHLC data has been stored in MongoDB.

Is it possible for me to retrieve data via ODBC/SQL Universal Data/AFL plugins?
I only need to get OHLC.

In MongoDB , it has the structure
open: double
high: double
low: double
close: double
vol: double
MyIndi: object {
indi1: double
indi2: bool

I have never used the ODBC/SQL but from the docs, it uses SQL syntax.
I'm not aware of MongoDB natively interpreting SQL syntax so why do you think it will work ?

MongoDB does not use SQL as a query language

You'd have to export data, then arrange it manually or with a utility and import into a sql-like server.

Yes, Mongo DB works.
You need MongoDB ODBC driver.


hey thanks.
I didn't know about the Mongo ODBC.
Learnt something today :slight_smile:
Finally an SQL proxy for it.

It is most possible as link

In my thought, you can just query OHLC as flat tab;e lke RDBMS in common sense.

A very simple question, many answers, but seem have not good answers, because no image or detaill guides.
I try mongo-driver and not success any more, some days to search this :((
I download driver from this:

Please see images1

MongoDB is NOT relational database. SQL is meant to work with relational databases. Sure you can insist on using hammer to kill flies but it is not optimum choice.

MongoDB is meant to work with Javascript and its JSON objects. It is completely different than SQL.

One should choose BEST tools for the job. For SQL correct database is relational database such as mySQL, SQL Server, etc.

You can attempt to play Chopin on drums but grand piano works better.


strongly recommend postgresql and sql server

Finally, I use mysql, it connect well
Some image, it good for who search theway to connect , mysql, sqlserver... or mongodb (I tried with mongo but not sucess, Ami hang when connect to db)

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According to Tomaz advice, it is the best.
No matter what the database is, it must be a Relational database. it is good enough

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