How to run an AFL from jScript - OLE

I want to start an AFL in jScript. Not an APX but AFL.
In the AFL there is code to create a file that will be used for an email.
So all the AFL is doing, is creating this file …
The proces is conctrolled from a Batch file with jScript code that
should start the AFL. How am I doing this ?

There was a similar question here:

You can use OLE Automation via scripting languages.

Keep in mind that the Analysis object is marked as obsolete. It is provided only to maintain compatibility with old code. Analysis object always accesses OLD Automatic Analysis.

So it will be probably better to use a previously saved analysis project file (.apx) using the AnalysisDoc object (see the code example in the first link).

Is there any compelling reason not to use it?
Projects, IMHO, in many cases will simplify your job.