How to run multiple separate scans at the same time then see the results ?


When clicking the "Analysis" box every evening for end of day trading,

(a) How to choose a Scan page of formulas to use again that was already used on a previous day? Each day after clicking "Analysis" I have only been able to choose "New Analysis" and then adding and running the scans one at a time.

(b) How to run all of my scans from the single page all at the same time without having to run each scan individually by hand ?



  1. Save your Analysis setup to an Analysis project file (when Analysis is active, select File->Save As to save into .APX file). Later you will be able to just open it (File->Open) and everything will be back

  2. You can setup a Batch for that: Using Batch window


Thanks for reply. Additional help is necessary because using "File>Save As" then "File>Open" leads to the saved .APX file page but only the most recently added formula name was saved on the page as a scan to run when ten formula names were originally chosen one by one in the scan page's Formula box.

How to save all ten formula names to the page ?


Save multiple files and then use Batch to sequence it.

Hello Tomasz,

Thanks for the further explanation.

Am I correct in understanding each indicator scan formula would be a separate .APX file ?
For instance, one .APX file for "scan a Watchlist for new highs" and a separate second .APX file for "scan a Watchlist for new lows" ?


Yes, APX is Analysis project. It is all you need. It holds BOTH formula and all settings in one file. And you should have separate analysis project for each different formula.

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