How To - Save AFL Formula Editor Toolbars

I have added a toolbar and buttons to the AFL Formula Editor, and saved my preferences. However, when I restart the AFL Editor, my custom toolbars and buttons are missing. How can I save my custom toolbars and buttons?

I dont have any problems with that.
Ami Ver6.27 x64 and 32bit, win 7 x64

As for your Question how to save?.. i dont save anything after customising the toolbar.
So that mean Amibroker automatic knows what to do.

Yes, it is supposed to automatically keep the changes to the toolbar. Typically it works fine. On occasion, my custom toolbar in the formula editor seems to vanish. I’ll try to keep track of my steps next time this happens! Thanks!

Same happened to me. I was missing Pick a File and Edit buttons from the Formula toolbar in the Analysis window. After clicking on Customize and re-selecting both buttons in the toolbar, the buttons would remain for the session, but after closing and starting AB and reopening Analysis, they'd be gone again.
I found that after making the changes to make the buttons appear again in the Formula toolbar, it is necessary to close the Analysis window first (I close from the MDI tab), before closing AB. Closing AB while the Analysis window was still open would not save the changed configuration.

Hope this helps someone.