How to save template and load it into another computer

Hello guys,

I'm migrating to another pc and I have trouble saving and loading all my chart templates into AmiBroker I did a lot of google and forum searching to find how can I save a template of a chart which has multiple windows. , I tried the save and load template but it doesn't work correctly when I load them it doesn't contain the same parameters or colors, I saved both "Chart Template, Layout only" and "Chart Template, Complete". .. Is there anyway to load templates from the old pc into the new one without having to build it all over again?

Help is really appreciated, thank you
PS: I have in the new pc all the formulas and files in a matching path as the same old pc

Have you checked that all the settings in all the tabs in Tools > Preferences are exactly the same on the new PC as the old? If you set any custom colors in the old PC, they will need to be reassigned in the new.

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If you want to replicate exactly the application you are using on one computer to another, in the destination computer copy the AB folder of the original to the new one. With that, you get an exact copy of the original.
If you want to adapt only some details, I recommend you to look at the Amibroker guide where it tells you what function each of the files of the application has and copy the ones you want to replicate (I can't paste the link of the guide where you can find them, but if you look in the guide "Files used by Amibroker" you will get them.

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How to save the template is all described in the manual:

Scroll down to the following line

To Save chart into new format do the following:

And last but not least, reading entire TUTORIAL is a must for every newbie. You will save yourself hundreds of hours of blind search.

Also note, the Parameters are NOT part of template. If you move to new computer the DEFAULTS will be used. The DEFAULT values for parameters are specified in the formula. So you can change the formula is you wish to move parameter defaults.

Again, it is all in the tutorial:

If you are migrating to new computer, it is again all documented already in the Knowledge Base:

Google is your friend. You will find EVERY ANSWER if you just GOOGLE for that using phrase
"AmiBroker .... the rest of question you have"

In this particular example: